University of Tampa View Book Assignment


This University of Tampa grad is now part of the leadership team of College Hunks Hauling Junk, located in Ybor City. Here’s an environmental portrait we shot recently at their offices. Looks like a pretty cool place to work! This photo will appear in University of Tampa’s updated view book, something we have contributed to (in partnership with Cherry and Company) regularly for many years.

Augustine Family Beach Portraits

We hit my favorite spot on Clearwater Beach for a family session before the Augustines sent their oldest off to college, a common scenario.  Does it apply to you?

Augustine Family Beach Portraits.

Michelle Collazo – Maternity Photos

Michelle is a dear friend of our family.  She stayed with us in our home while she finished her PhD awhile back, and she has become like a daughter to us.  Her pregnancy has been as exciting for us as it has her own family, so I shot these images during a recent visit at our home.  Marco, Michelle’s Mini-Schnauzer, is one of the great dog posers I’ve ever encountered.  Did you catch the cameo appearance of our little Yorkie, Austin?

Special Project – Portrait Series

Many of you know that I am the proud father of what we like to call a Special Needs son.  Not crazy about the label, or any label for that matter, but from time to time I get the honor and privilege of photographing special needs kids.  Why is this a privilege?  Because once you get past either the physical difference or the behavioral expression of a special needs child, what is right there is love.  Maybe this isn’t much different than any other child, but there’s something about a project like this that hits me right in the heart.  Here is a series of portraits I shot for The One Roof Initiative, a new special needs advocacy group that has made it its mission to find new ways to help the parents of special kids that will provide what’s next in a child’s life once school and other resources have run out.  Sally DePalma, a dear friend who has already impacted my family’s life in huge ways, is the Founder and Executive Director of this exciting new non-profit organization, and I can’t wait to see where she takes us all!

Executive Director and Founder of The One Roof Initiative, Sally DePalma and yours truly.

Executive Director and Founder of The One Roof Initiative, Sally DePalma and yours truly.

Edible Tampa Bay – Spring Issue


We are proud to be the exclusive photography company for Edible Tampa Bay Magazine.  Our latest issue is on the streets!

Click and check it out!



I picked up my disabled parking permit today from the Tax Collectors Office. Took me almost a month to do this, but I did it. For those just getting on board, I’m recovering from Achilles tendon repair surgery and am in a boot and wheeling around on a knee scooter, unable to put weight on said injured foot. Anyway, I’ve always had a ‘thing’ about these parking permits, and those who use them without having any affliction or challenge, and how often I see someone of complete ability come springing out of their car parked in a handicap space and go dashing into a Publix. But I, for better or worse, am legit. I need this thing, and today I used it for the first time.

I was hanging it on my rear view mirror, when the word hit me hard, it hit me good, and it sunk in. Temporary. Temporary Permit. Now, I’ve been doing a pretty darn good job of staying upbeat and seeing the best of the situation and all that, but fact is, this has been life-altering, and it has challenged me like nothing I can remember. I’m learning things about myself I never knew, good and bad. I’ll tell you I have more compassion than ever for those with Permanent Disabilities.  And as much as I honor and respect injured veterans, this speed bump in my life has given me but a taste of what these folks have to contend with permanently. Permanently – this is a much different word.

In my normal everyday moments, I’m having to employ my ‘solution-finding’ skill set every step, or hobble, of the way. Before I received the incredible life-saving scooter, I couldn’t put the mustard back in the fridge on crutches, for example, or offer any other assistance to my family in daily household undertakings. Working out EVERYTHING when you’ve never before had to consider how to, let’s say, get off the stool and get a glass of water, is a very humbling, yet presence-inducing process.

I’m making my way, and finding my solutions every moment of the day, graciously (I hope!) accepting the assistance of those around me. I even believe I’m done once and for all talking myself into thinking that I can pull off some stupid stunt on my scooter that ought even be considered (i.e. “Sure, I can go outside on the lawn at night around the corner and turn off the hot-tub on my scooter, yeah, no problem…”). And for all the things I’m grateful for out of this game-changing experience, I am most grateful for the fact that it is indeed, temporary.

It’s temporary. This is temporary. And, digging a little deeper, oh yeah, everything is temporary. Not a bad thing to re-presence from time to time, no?

Mary Lee’s House – Marketing Photo Project

Images I shot for Mary Lee’s House ,a child advocacy not-for-profit organization that provides medical and mental health services for victims of child abuse. Although in some of these images the children are happy, some are not, for obvious reasons. This was a hard hitting project that points to some pretty daunting realities for some children. Glad to be a part of this project and to help forward their important mission.


PS   Um, I don’t think I’ve cracked the code on WordPress image layout – stay tuned!

This is My Good Side – Take #1

Nothing gets in our head and acting nutty more than pictures of ourselves, and moreover, having them taken. As a photographer who has photographed literally thousands of individuals, I’ve pretty much seen it all. I’ve seen people cry on set, I’ve seen people show me the literal side of their head, saying “this is my good side,’ and I’ve seen people give up and walk away from a head shot altogether. This aspect of human behavior fascinates me, and for years I didn’t feel qualified (maybe the lack of a psychology degree?) to opine or give my view on the topic. Well, that has all changed. I am now an expert with my own personal study of an estimated 40,000 participants over the course of 20 years!

Next time you’re scrolling through profiles in LinkedIn or any other Social Media where we represent ourselves with a 3/4 inch square likeness of ourselves, notice the HUGE variety of shots you see as profile photos. We obviously are NOT aligned in our thinking of what constitutes a great head shot or else these would tend to look the same. I know they’re just head shots, but I have some things to say about them, about what makes a good one and what does not. But before I dive in with all of that, I want to hear from you. Ask yourself this question:  Is getting your head shot taken stressful for you? If so, why? What kinds of things are you concerned about, what drives you nutty?  Have you been scarred by bad photographers?  Tell your story!  You may have to let the guard down a bit to play here, but don’t be afraid.  Good things are coming…



Sometimes, life throws us a curveball. In this case, the curveball was a ruptured achilles tendon, which I just had surgery on this last Tuesday. Doc’s instructions? Stay off the foot, keep it elevated. Period. Not exactly how I’d planned on spending ANY time during this life. Okay, so here I am. On the couch. With a laptop. Stay tuned…