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Marketing Photgraphy Case Study #5 – Stetson University College of Law – Gulfport

Davina Gould, Marketing Director for Stetson University College of Law, reached out to Thompson Brand Images recently in need of a new library of marketing images to use for websites, brochures and advertisements. Stetson University College of Law in Gulfport is Florida’s oldest law school, founded in 1900, and the campus occupies an historic hotel from the 1920’s. Because it had been some time since they’d done any photography, a 3-day shoot was scheduled, but this one had a bit of a different flavor to it.

Challenges: Almost all photography was accomplished during live classes, with the exception of a few sessions where we were able to place student models for set shots. This meant that we could use very little or no lighting at all in some cases. Given the live classroom environments, I had to blend in and be as unobtrusive as possible, and do what I could do not distract the students, and more importantly, disrupt the professors.

Solution: We went with extremely simple and battery operated lighting, often using a single light source bounced off of walls/ceilings to provide some pop and contrast, but which didn’t require any setup or leave cables on floors. Emphasis was also placed on getting in and out of the classrooms as quickly and quietly as possible.

Bob’s Comments: This was a fun shoot – Davina gave me a schedule of where to be and when, which accounted for about two thirds of the images – the rest were shot organically while roaming the campus between assignments. Free flowing, but with a gameplan – my favorite kind of shooting day! Some of my favorite images were the live classroom shots which captured the personality and delivery style of the professors in action, as well as the scenics of the campus with students sprinkled throughout to give those potentially static shots some life.