BeeTee’s Vacation Photos – Leamington, Ontario Edition

In the spirit of my family’s all-time favorite holiday movie (sorry Jimmy Stewart!), Elf!, I’d like to start a new category for my blog, simply BobTee’s Vacation Photos. What does that have to do with Elf!? (punctuation’s tricky when the movie title ends in an !) Because taking vacation photos could quite possible be my favorite! People ask me fairly often, “What’s your favorite kind of photography?” I always pause, because, at my core, any photography is still my favorite, but when the rubber hits the road, I’m happiest discovering the world with camera in hand. I’m in fact, quite proud of my vacation photos, as I get to put to use the chops I’ve spent my whole life developing in to play. And that’s fun – more fun than I’ve ever had as a shooter.

Here’s my first entry, although I will retrospectively include some other galleries here as entries – because I’m proud of those too, and even more importantly, I want you to see the beauty that I see when I wander the world with girl by my side, and camera in hand. (Okay, girl by my side often turns into girl 40 steps ahead of me because of my never-ending stops and turns to catch the shot. Enjoy these images of Leamington, a town just up the road from Windsor, which is just over the Detroit  River from, well, Detroit. In fact, Leamington, Ontario, and yes, Canada, is south of Detroit, making Point Pelee, Leamington,  the southernmost point in Canada. A cool subtext to having visited Key West many times, the southernmost point in the U.S. The last thing I’ll say is that I shot these photos with a small Nikon point and shoot, nothing amazing, but about a $285 little image-making machine. I say that so that you don’t think you have to have a multi-thousand dollar SLR to make solid photos.