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Kevin Plummer

“Tampa Preparatory School has been working with Bob for nearly three years. His eye, artistry, and understanding of the rhythm of a school allow him to capture moments photographically in a manner that is nothing short of magical. His photos grace our website and our publications and his work has been transformative in assisting our school’s ability to craft messages supported by exquisite photographs. He is also incredibly easy to work with. A professional photographer who understands how his work can positively impact the lives of his client!”

Kevin PlummerHead of School, Tampa Preparatory School
Shannon Drosky

“I highly recommend Bob Thompson. We have had wonderful experiences with him over several years. I can always depend on Bob to give me more than enough high quality pictures that truly represent our school. It is hard to capture the love of learning and genuine happiness of the students and teachers yet Bob manages to get it every time!”

Shannon DroskyDirector of Communications & Marketing Out of Door Academy, Sarasota
Jennifer Vigne

“We used Bob on a number of occasions for our most critical needs (website, annual reports, advertisements and magazines) and each time he provided us photography that exceeded our expectations. Bob’s photography captured the essence of who we are as a school – and it is through his photography that allowed us to share stories eliciting strong institutional pride from students, parents, and alumni. Bob is not only an exceptional photographer – he is also genuine, dedicated to his profession and caring to his customers. I highly recommend Bob Thompson Photography.”

Jennifer VigneDirector of Marketing & Development (formerly) Saint Stephen’s Episcopal School, Bradenton
Julie Peters

“Working with Bob and his crew at Thompson Studios has been a gift for our entire school community. Bob has a special talent that allows him to see and quickly capture those unique moments throughout a child’s day that live on in our marketing materials and our hearts. Bob has helped us to celebrate our school and capture those cherished moments that define Canterbury’s mission.”

Julie PetersDirector of Admissions The Canterbury School of Fort Myers