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From local businesses to Fortune 500 companies, we create visual imagery you can rely on for marketing and advertising across all platforms

At TBI, we produce the imagery that represents companies, from local businesses to fortune 500 corporations, in marketing, web and advertising materials.

This can be your company’s people, your offices and facilities, your products and even your processes. View our portfolio to stimulate ideas for how we can powerfully convey what makes you and your company unique. Have a concept for an advertisement? We can bring it to visual fruition.

We do this in a manner consistent with your company’s image, your visual brand and brand message. We do this joyfully, efficiently, artfully and with integrity, from consult to delivery of final images. 24 years of experience gives us the ability to work with life’s unexpected moments. We are also happy to assist you in selecting those images we feel have the most marketing power built into them.

We honor your time and your investment by producing imagery that guarantees the best possible success when a potential customer views your materials. We understand the science of ‘seeing’ and know implicitly that your materials have less than a half second to capture your viewer’s attention and keep it where you want it – on your company’s message.

Our diverse list of clients include:

Stunning Artistry from the Skies in Still Photos or 4KUHD Video


Bob is an FAA Part 107 Certified Unmanned Aircraft Systems Pilot. Fancy talk for commercially qualified to fly drones legally. Bob combines the same artistry and photographic mastery he brings to his work on the ground with his love of anything flying (Bob served in the US Air Force) to create stunning aerial stills and video, now available for your business or corporation.

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